Cantece (neromantice) perfecte pentru Valentine’s Day

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Este Valentine’s Day si foarte multi oameni sarbatoresc astazi „ziua indragostitilor”.

Desi este o moda ca aceasta sarbatoare sa fie contestata, noi vom ceda totusi impulsului de face amorezii fericiti cu ocazia acestei frumoase ocazii.

Nu, glumeam. Mai jos puteti gasi un playlist cu cateva dintre cele mai neromantice piese din istoria muzicii rock/metal.

Citatele va vor fi de folos pentru a decora cutia cu bomboane pe care o veti face cadou partenerului, partenerei, persoanei care s-a asezat langa voi in autobus sau oricarei alte victime.

Thy Art Is Murder – Whore to the Chainsaw

Versuri: Die you fucking whores, you putrid waste of space

Anal Cunt- I’m gonna give you AIDS

Versuri: You’re only useful when you’re sucking my dick/ The mere sight of you makes me fucking sick/ You’re a stupid groupie following me from state to state/Like I said before you’re only good to give me a blow

Cannibal Corpse – She was asking for it

Versuri: Waiting/ In the grave/ Calling out/ Come to me/ I hear her screaming/ Waiting – in the grave/ Calling out, but she’s buried/ Waiting – in the grave

Pig Destroyer – Natasha

Versuri: Surrounded by a thousand of her eyes bathing the tunnel in a strange green light the eyes show me pictures like ghostly television screens all her thrashing final struggles and her ravaged corpse serene. The tunnel is closing behind me pressing me further and further down, I’m being swallowed by her earth, and consumed by her ground. The end is moving into sight I gasp and I scream as I see her lovely mouth five times the size of me her lips curl into a grin around her crooked gnashing teeth I’m pulverized and devoured in the jaws of a girl seventeen.

Cock And Ball Torture – Supreme Genital Goddess

Versuri: Bruebruebruebrue

David Allan Coe – Don’t Bite The Dick

Vesuri: Don’t bite the dick that fucks you honey/ You gotta learn to suck it funny/ How those dicks taste all like rubber/ Covered with goo/ Some cums clear and some cums milky/ Some cums thick and some cums silky/ Don’t bite the dick that fucks you honey/ and it’ll be good to you.

Bloodhound Gang – A Lapdance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying

Versuri: Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin’/ Well I find it’s quite a thrill/ When she grinds me against her will/ Yes a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin’

Skid Row – I Hate Everything About You

Versuri: And I don’t like a thing about your mother/ And I, I hate your daddy’s guts too/ And I don’t like a thing about your sister, no, no/ ‘Cause I, I, I think sex is overrated too

Vulvectomy – Festering Detached Genitals

Versuri: Bruebruebrue

Guns N’Roses – Back Off Bitch

Versuri: Back off, back off bitch/ Down in the gutter dyin’ in the ditch/ You better back off, back off bitch/ Face of an angel with the love of a witch/ Back off, back off bitch/ Back off, back off bitch

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