Flo V Schwarz Enjoys Being On Tour And Meeting New People

Pyogenesis 2020
Pyogenesis 2020

On the last evening of November, German band Pyogenesis had an amazing show in Bucharest, during which Flo V Schwarz called all the kids on stage and addressed the public, encouraging parents to educate the young generation to appreciate good music . The electrifying show was hosted by Quantic Club and organized by Axa Valaha Productions. On this occasion, lead singer, guitarist and band leader Flo V Schwarz gave a short, but meaningful, interview for Maximum Rock.

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs from?
Flo: ”Well, the last three records, they were a trilogy and dealt with the change in society in the 19th century. So… that’s a big topic full of things you can write about. And in the first place it was meant to be a single album. But then I realized it’s so many different things to cover and then it became a trilogy. Whenever I see documentaries or movies that deal with or cover that time I get inspiration. This is it basically.”

How do you cope with the busy schedule of touring?
Flo: ”Well we don’t play 120 shows per year anymore as we used to do in former times. So it’s not that much anymore and we enjoy traveling. We enjoy playing in foreign countries so for us it’s not like a work. It’s a joy and we really embrace the chance of being able to be on tour, to play in front of our fans. And meeting new people every night, meeting old friends, it is something that give us so much… and we really feel good doing it.”

What do you like most about touring, about life on the road?
Flo: ”Well… meeting people, meeting old friends. Getting to know new friends, having the chance to, you know, to see different cultures. Learning about mentality, about the country, learning about history, about what different countries and we have in common, seeing something of the world, you know. We are so delighted that we get the chance to be around and see different places and meet nice people every night. That’s something that brings us a lot of joy.”

Can you tell me a funny or the craziest situation which happened in this touring life?
 Flo: ”When we were in Moscow, after the show we went to a karaoke bar. And we were singing all together Backstreet Boys. Anyway, at the karaoke bar they didn’t know that we are from a band, but someone told them. So they filmed us and put it on youtube and it was a crazy, embarrassing but funny moment.”

What is the story behind the single “Flesh and Hair”?
Flo: ”“Flesh and Hair” is about a book, one of the very first books that was written for children and it is called in German Der Struwwelpeter. In English it’s Slovenly Peter. It was written in 1848, by a German doctor, Heinrich Hoffmann, who wanted to have a book he can read to his kids when they go to bed. It’s got a lot of meaning…, you know, there’s always a moral at the end. Like one boy is always sucking his thumb all the time and another one won’t cut his fingernails. The next one won’t comb his hair. And a lot of crazy stuff happen to them. “Flesh and Hair” is about a girl who is playing with matches… And, you know, her mother goes away for the night or for the day, I don’t know. And this girl is playing with the matches and she is burnt entirely with flesh and hair. It’s an interesting story, you should look it up…”

Why did you choose the name Pyogenesis for the band?
 Flo: Actually it wasn’t my idea back then … Well it’s a name…It became way bigger for us in the meaning, but it has a certain sound and we liked it and everybody could agree on this.

Pyogenesis live Quantic Club 30 noiembrie 2022 Photo Credits: Stefan Lupașcu
Pyogenesis live Quantic Club 30 noiembrie 2022
Photo Credits: Stefan Lupașcu


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