Robert Plant va lansa „Digging Deep Podcast”

Data de 3 iunie reprezintă lansarea pe toate platformele de streaming importante (Spotify, YouTube, Acast și iTunes) a noului podcast găzduit de Robert Plant, vocalistul Led Zeppelin, „Digging Deep”.

Podcastul Digging Deep va avea în vedere piesele lui Plant și poveștile din spatele lor, colaborările și inspirațiile, toate narate cel mai probabil într-un mod nostalgic.

Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast

'Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast' will launch on 3rd June, available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts:

Geplaatst door Robert Plant op Vrijdag 24 mei 2019

Descrierea oficială a podcastului: „Robert Plant’s music is the result of a lifetime striding around the globe, from The Midlands to Morocco, from Nashville to North Wales, and the influences and friends collected along the way can be heard in his songs. In this podcast, he’ll delve into his back catalogue to revisit a track from this remarkable history to tell stories of inspiration, collaboration and intervention. It’s Robert’s personal road map to an incredible and personal journey that’s ongoing to this very day.”

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