The Silent Wedding is ready to unleash its melodic madness upon Romania

On October 16th, THE SILENT WEDDING will perform for the first time in Romania, at the third indoor edition of Maximum Rock Festival, one of the biggest metal events in the region.

The Greek band, founded in 2006 in Athens, will unleash upon Bucharest its unique blend of heavy metal with progressive, power and melodic elements, all wrapped up in amazing songwriting and soul-shattering vocals.

The Silent Wedding released its latest record, „Livin’ Experiments”, in 2013 and has been working on the follow-up ever since.

We caught up with the group and spoke about their upcoming performance at Maximum Rock Festival, the state of metal music in Greece and many other interesting topics.

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You are currently working on a new album. What’s your favorite part of this process: writing, studio work, after it’s done?
We enjoy every part of the process! Songwriting is the most creative part of it. Studio work can be creative as well. Because you still have time to experiment with your music and in any case it’s really interesting to experience the way a pre-production or a demo turns into an actual album ready for the world to hear. What’s really amazing after the album is ready is that you share your music with your fans and you can see their reactions, you can go on tour and so on! This is something that you can’t have in the first parts of the process…You have to go “Silent” for a while!

Greece has been through some tough times lately, economically speaking. Has the rock music industry been affected and if so, how?
The economic crisis affects all the aspects of life. It deprives you of the time, energy and money to create music and invest in it.

It’s your first time playing in Romania. What do you feel before such concerts? Are you more excited than for a show done in a place you’ve performed before?
It is always exciting to play a show in a country you have never visited before. It is also great to return to places you have played before and meet familiar faces! We feel very lucky because our album “Livin’ Experiments” gave us the chance to play in many countries, tour around Europe and share the stage with many bands that we admire and respect!

How would you define your genre, in a few words?
Our music is considered Melodic Heavy Metal with Prog & Power influences! It is hard to define it because every band member listens to different kinds of metal so in our music you will find influences of Classic Heavy Metal (Dio, Black Sabbath, Savatage, Iron Maiden etc), Progressive Metal (Fates Warning, Queensryche), some Power Metal influences and even darker kinds of music.

What song of yours is an absolute must-listen and defines the band the best?
We can’t really choose one song! We receive very positive feedback to our song “To Them” which is our first official video. It’s a song with a strong message about social manipulation and the disorientation and distraction of the masses. It has a very intense atmosphere.  Also our song “The Return” is one of the strongest songs we’ve done. Watching the crowds’ reactions during our most recent European tour with Threshold we decided to film a live video for it! And probably the most popular song for our fans so far is our ballad “A Cry from Within”!

What movie would you write music for?
Both musically and lyrically we are inspired by fantasy, gothic horror, mythology etc. We are also affected by our personal experiences. This makes a really interesting combination between reality and fantasy! So we could probably write for any realistic or fantasy movie with a strong message!

Don’t forget that you can purchase tickets for MAXIMUM ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 from here.

Maximum Rock Festival is one of the biggest metal events in Romania. This year, it features names like Epica, Annihilator, Septicflesh, Sirenia, Skalmold and many others! The festival will take place during four days, starting with October 15th, and until October 18th, in two different venues – Club Colectiv and the famous Roman Arenas from Bucharest.  

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