Fields of the Nephilim/ 22.03.2013, Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki

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Author & Photographer: Ana Maria Suitariu

Performing again for the first time since their sold out gig at O2 Academy Brixton in London October 2011, cult gothic rock band Fields of the Nephilim are coming together for a highly anticipated tour that will end in the same place as it did in 2011: at the famous O2 venue.

In lead-singer Carl McCoy’s words: „2013 will be another important year in the evolution of the Nephilim, and we’re looking forward to the next chapter. This is no covenant, it’s just a coming forth and a recognition of the light of time” 

Although the tour consists of only 10 live shows in Europe, mainly in the Scandinavian countries, Germany and the UK, we got the chance to see them live, in perhaps one of the most anticipated spring concerts in Helsinki, Finland.

Fields of the Nephilim were highly expected in Helsinki, at the Virgin Oil Co. venue, after they were forced to postpone their gig a full month, from February to March 2013. The band is very appreciated by the Finnish music scene and last time they performed in Finland was in 2008, at Tuska Festival. Before that, they shared the stage in Tavastia with HIM, at their traditional New Year’s Eve Festival.

Lead singer Carl McCoy’s mystic lyrics, cowboy styled clothing and heavy, slow tempo, hard and psyche rock music made the fans go wild and loud during the set list the band readied for the gig at Virgin Oil Co. It included: „Shroud (Exordium)”, „Straight to the Light”, „Trees Come Down”, „From the Fire”, „Love Under Will”, „The Watchman”, „Preacher Man”, „Psychonaut”, „Moonchild”, „Zoon pt. 3 (Wake World)”.


During the first song, the audience could not believe its eyes. They were distrustful of the fact that the legendary, cult band Fields of the Nephilim was really on-stage. When they started playing „Straight to the Light”, the people suddenly woke up from their amazement and started enjoying the gig. „From the Fire” was the song that got everybody ecstatic and made the audience sing along.

By the time the band reached the first encore, which included songs such as “Penetration” and “Last Exit for the Lost”, the audience was at its peak, cheering and kicking the rhythm by knocking their feet on the floor concurrently. It was an amazing feeling and the energy coming from the stage was flowing freely. In accordance with the genre and the style of the band, their act on stage can be described as quite still, with not many (if any) impressive movements.

Most of the members were wearing sunglasses despite the dim light, but this was only to complete their dusty and Gothic trademark look. Carl McCoy’sdark charisma reached even the last man in the back of the venue. He was at his best and the vocal distortions sounded very controlled. The musician reached the high notes flawlessly.


During the second encore when the band played Vet for the Insane, the audience seemed to be in a reverie, so that when Fields of the Nephilim stopped playing nobody seemed to rush out of the venue, which is quite typical for Finnish concert-goers.

I would have to say that this gig was one of the best I’ve seen in a while and I would give the guys a clear mark of 10 for the good live performance, awesome sound and cool image on stage.

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