Inia Dinia a parasit Negura Bunget si Din Brad – UPDATE

INIA DINIA, clapara formatiei Negura Bunget, a emis via Facebook urmatorul comunicat in engleza:
Dear friends and fans of Negura Bunget,
This is not an official statement on behalf of Negura Bunget so it is my request that you read this as a personal one.
Today, 07.02.2013, I decided to part ways with Negura Bunget and Din Brad.
I started as a live session member back in 2006 when Hupogrammos and Sol Faur were still official members. Afterwards, I became an official member, handling the keyboard parts. After Ageru Pamantului left, I once again took the helm and besides keyboards, I started working with traditional instruments.
I have nothing to regret, there were 7 wonderful years..but I’ve reached a point where I have to walk my own path. My desire is to change my musical perspectives, do something new, a personal project that’s been in my plans for two years already. It’s somehow different from what I did with Negura Bunget and Din Brad.
At the same time, my desire is to finish my studies, i’m a student at the Academy Of Music and it is a goal that I wish to see fulfilled. Furthermore, I plan to venture into film music, see what I can do on this path.
I am still opened to collaborations, just as I was back when I played with Negura Bunget. In the end, I want to thank each and every member that I had the opportunity and pleasure to play in Negura Bunget, each and every one of them had an important role in my evolution as a person and musician.

Wish you all, THE BEST!!!!”


In urma cu putin timp, Negru a postat de asemenea un comunicat prin care atesta plecarea de mai sus. In acest moment, lucrurile par putin involburate in interiorul formatiei mai ales ca ultimele intamplari pot da peste cap turneul sud-european programat in lunile aprilie si mai. Iata comunicatul cu pricina:

„With a sad heart we have to announce that another major chapter in the history of Negură Bunget has ended. Long time member Inia Dinia is no longer part of the band. It was her decision alone to leave Negură Bunget in pursuit of other musical and personal paths and we can’t but respect her choice. We thank her for everything she put in the band over the years and hope her musical path will only grow further in the future.
In related context singer Chakravartin is also no longer member of Negură Bunget. Different personal and musical reasons untangled our paths. We wish his good luck as well on their future endeavors! Even more changes within the band are likely to occur as well in the near future.
As things happened a bit unexpected our plans for the immediate future, namely an EP as presentation of the new album, and a Southern European tour in April/May, are hanging in the air for the moment. We will make a decision about everything in the following days.
This is definitely a hard moment for what remains of the band, but what does not kill you only makes you stronger. I hope we’ll find within ourselves the wisdom to shape the right path for the future of Negură Bunget. Obviously we are now looking for some dedicate musicians to complete the line-up of the band, so if you feel you have what it takes to be part of Negură Bunget, please get in contact with us by

Negru on behalf of Negură Bunget.” 

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