The Defiled: „We’re honored and humbled to be considered the saviors of UK metal”

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THE DEFILED is one of those bands whose particular blend of genres makes them stand out immediately.

As a matter of fact, in an industry that seems to get more and more jaded each year, the British group stood out to such an extent that its musicians were called “the saviors of UK metal” by the prestigious Metal Hammer Magazine.

With such references, it’s hard to dismiss these charming hybrids as a mere fad.

Maximum Rock Magazine Romania spoke with The Defiled and found out some interesting stuff about their upcoming release “Daggers” (August 2013), the new drummer Needles and what they think about the future of rock’n’roll.

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You released your first album, „Grave Times”, in 2011 and since then you’ve grown a lot. 2013 sees the release of your sophomore effort, „Daggers”. How have things changed (creatively, life-style-wise, style-wise) since, say, 2005, when you were just starting?
Creatively I think we are in a very good place,  this album really represents us as human beings and artists. I think we didn’t have the confidence to put our heart on a plate in 2005 because we feared some one would take a stab at it.  Now I don’t think we are concerned about what anyone thinks. „DAGGERS” is who we are weather you like it or not.  

In an epic and hysterically quoted interview, Jim Morrison predicted the birth of electronica, dubstep and so on, calling this „new thing” the „future of music”. The presence of electronic elements is still quite controversial in metal, with many arguing that metal with such influences is not „really” metal. What do you think about such a statement, having in mind Jim’s vision as well? 
I don’t know who these people who say metal with synths is not really metal are…And I don’t know who makes people who make statements like this the authority on metal, but it worked for Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden when they used them.  I think there is a tasteful way of using synths and a very bad way of using synths.  As long as it’s done right and sounds good, why wouldn’t you use them.  

In a recent interview you speak about your outfits and you talk about how important it is to entertain through your „look”. However, more and more artists that have nothing to do with rock’n’roll music wear rock’n’roll inspired clothing. Does that take away from the ‘message’ of such transgressive outfits? 
The „Look” is not the most important part of our show obviously,  it’s a part of all the elements that make up our show. We are entertainers that respect our audience and want to make an effort for them.  As for people in other genres dressing in clothes like ours I say go for it!  Dress how you want to dress, do what you want to do,  it’s only clothes. You should wear what feels right for you…I really couldn’t care less.

In your opinion, is it harder to record, mix, produce and so on a record within a genre like your particular blend of industrial, groove, metalcore, thrash and electronica, than a classic heavy metal or alternative rock record? 
No, I love layered music. Sitting in the studio making things interesting is an absolute joy to me.  If I’m not on tour I’m in the studio, writing music, lyrics or mixing. That’s my life. 

J.C., your former drummer, is no longer with you and Needles took his place. How is that working out? Is he good for the band? What happened with J.C.? 
We are a very hard working band. To do what we do you have to be committed and keep fighting for your dream…I don’t think JC realized what went into trying to make it in a band like ours.  He hated touring and was generally not a happy person. Needles is willing to put in the time and make the sacrifices needed to do this, plus he is an amazing musician and showman, which is what the Defiled is all about.  He fits in perfectly! 

You quote Freddy Krueger, the famous monster, as an influence? How so and are you guys passionate about horror movies in general? 
No, not at all.  We like a good horror movie, don’t get me wrong but lyrically we are inspired by our lives and experiences.  That quote is a joke that Stitch made in an interview and someone put it on our Wikipedia page. 

Have you had the chance to listen to NIN’s new track, „Came Back Haunted”? If so, what’s your take on one of your idols’ latest release? 
Of course I have! I think it’s very good and can’t wait for the album! 
How do you feel when critics call you “the saviors of UK metal” (Metal Hammer Magazine)?
Honored and humbled… It’s really cool to hear that from anyone but to hear it from “Metal Hammer” is crazy. I grew up reading that magazine! 

Would you say that, in time, all metal will go into this particular modern direction, with influences from new music and new technology and old-school genres will be forgotten? 
Humans progress by learning lessons from the past and moving in to the future.  This is the case with all aspects of human life whether it’s science, philosophy or, in this case, music.  It’s no different.  Traditional metal, as you call it, came out of blues, rock n’ roll and the innovation of the electric guitar. The future will be no different. 

Your new album comes out August 2nd. Can you give us any sort of spoiler?
“Daggers” is a journal of our lives written while we were living it.  It symbolizes the betrayal, disappointment and backstabbing we experienced in that year.

Can we hope to see you in Romania sometime?
Oh for sure! We are going to be on the road for the foreseeable future and I’m sure we will be visiting Romania too! 

Thank you The Defiled!

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