Enemy of Reality: the Greek symphonic superpower that fights for our metal dreams

ENEMY OF REALITY is one of the most interesting new sonic „faces” in the realm of European Symphonic Metal.

The band came to life in 2013, when lyric sporano Iliana Tsakiraki, guitarist Steelianos, keyboardist Marianthi, bassist Thanos and drummer Philip Stone joined forces to create something unique.

Shortly after, in 2014, the band debuted its first record, called „Rejected Gods”, which was received with praise and amazing reviews by both local and international media outlets.

Enemy of Reality will perform at the third indoor edition of Maximum Rock Festival, one of the most loved metal events in Bucharest, Romania. We took advantage of the occasion presented to chat with lead-singer Iliana about the group, the Greek metal scene, the band’s collaboration with Sirenia’s lovely Ailyn and many other topics.

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Your name is very interesting. What exactly inspired it? Do you believe in escapism as a form of taking refuge from the world?
No, not really. I mean, don’t get me wrong, escapism is, indeed comforting at times – for example, at the end of the day after working long hours, you need some distractions to chill out, like TV or a glass of wine, but that ‘s not what the name is about. In fact, it ‘s the opposite. It’s about standing your ground even when the reality you have to face isn’t exactly what you had planned.

Truth is, we ‘re creating the reality we live in, and frequently we raise our own obstacles without realizing it. Sometimes, simply put, weare our worst enemy. We believe in fighting for your dreams, for whatever matters to each person out there, so when things aren’t perfect (that’s almost all the time) that ‘s when you become an „Enemy Of Reality”.

It’s your second time in Romania, if I’m not mistaken. You performed for the first time at Artmania Festival this year. How did you like the country?
Yeah! We visited your country very recently, and we ‘re very happy to perform in Bucharest for the first time!
Many of our friends told us that Sibiu and Bucharest are two must-see destinations, both because they ‘re beautiful places and because the people are very friendly.
Personally, I made lots of new friends, and I ‘m very excited to meet people we ‘ve been „Facebooking” with for some time now! We’ve arranged to meet some at the Maximum Rock Fest.

What’s the cultural climate in Greece? Is rock and metal music as underground as it is in Romania?
Yes…it’s the same. Rock music is underground, as it is in Romania, at about the same level. Most people are into other types of music more frequently presented by the media.

Congratulations on your latest video, „Needle Bites”, featuring Ailyn from Sirenia. What was it like working with her? What other symphonic singers would you like to work with?
Aylin is a very kind and nice person and we were more than happy to collaborate with her. We were thrilled because she also visited our country and we had many beautiful moments together. As far as other singers go, we ‘d like to collaborate with many of them in the future, so I can’t give you just a few names.

Iliana, you have a unique, tender yet strong voice. Who were your vocal inspirations, especially as a professionally trained musician?
Thank you very very much for your kind words! My vocal inspirations are so many. I can name a few of course, like Lisa Gerrard, Renee Fleming, Diamanda Galas, Tarja Turunen and many more!

What bands have you been listening to lately, who’ve inspired you a lot?
Lingua Mortis Orchestra (and Rage of course) and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody.

What’s the music trend in Greece at the moment? Does metal get enough exposure?
The music trend is mostly a mixture of r’n’b, pop, and folk music (not the best kind of folk though) People listen to music a lot, but the TV and Radio promote everything else instead of rock and metal music. There are very few media outlets (for instance, we  only have one metal magazine) but thankfully there are many good people that do their best through the internet with webzines and websites, trying to spread the word. So, to answer your question, it ‘s not enough, but we ‘re thankful for the ones who keep on fighting for the music we all love!

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