Royal Mail va lansa un set de 13 timbre cu formația Queen

Royal Mail - Queen
Royal Mail - Queen
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Royal Mail a anunțat că, pentru a sărbători una dintre cele mai importante formații rock din lume, va emite un set de 13 timbre cu britanicii de la Queen.

Setul cuprinde 8 timbre cu unele dintre cele mai cunoscute coperte de albume ale Queen: „Queen II” (1974), „Sheer Heart Attack” (1974), „A Night At The Opera” (1975), „News Of The World” (1977), „The Game” (1980), „Greatest Hits” (1981), „The Works” (1984) și „Innuendo” (1991), iar  în completarea acestui set, sunt alte 5 timbre cu imagini ce îi reprezintă pe: Freddie Mercury pe Wembley Stadium, Roger Taylor la Hyde Park, John Deacon la Hammersmith Odeon, Brian May la Budapesta precum și un timbru cu fotografia făcută de Johnny Dewe Mathews la prima sesiune de fotografii a grupului, la studioul Primrose Hill.

Cei interesați pot face precomenzi aici.

Brian May a declarat:
„It’s hard to put into words what I feel when looking at these beautiful stamps. Since we four precocious boys started out on our quest 50 years ago, our lives have been devoted to making our impossible dream come true. Sometimes it’s strange to wake up and realize the position in which we are now held — we have become a national institution! And nothing brings this home more than this incredible tribute from Royal Mail. It’s particularly poignant to look at this collection of images now — now that we are all in a world dominated by a coronavirus, in which none of this could have happened. I just know that I feel an overwhelming desire to own one of these sets! Somehow it will be a way of persuading myself that it really DID all happen!”


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