Sonata Arctica/ 31.01.2013, Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki

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SONATA ARCTICA’S concert at Virgin Oil Co., in Helsinki, definitely turned a typical Thursday evening into a very electric and power-driven event. The venue was full with fans of different genres, who looked forward to seeing Sonata Arctica on stage.

The atmosphere was full of excitement and the feeling of anticipation was strong. The audience enjoyed the heavy metal songs with which their ears were delighted before the gig, and even cheered between tunes.

 When Sonata Arctica appeared on stage, it created a wave of ovations and the charismatic lead singer was welcomed with a lot of warmth. During the whole concert, Tony Kakko connected very well with the fans, delivering ‘virtual hugs’ from the stage.

Even if the lead-singer admitted to being very ill and fighting a stubborn flu which kept him silent for three days, his trials and tribulations went unnoticed when he started performing. Tony sounded amazing, he gave a very strong performance and nonetheless he embodied the impressive artist that he is. One ought to be a fool to say that he is anything less than an extraordinary vocalist that shows great talent and expertise.

Sonata resizeThe band started the concert with ”Only the Broken”, followed by “Black Sheep”, and “Alone in Heaven”, while leaving towards the end songs like “Paid in Full”, “Replica” or “Don’t Say”.

The other band members were at their best as well. The keybordist was extremely energetic and he ran around the stage with his keytar, playing amazing synth solos. He chose to be anything but just a silhouette in the background. The guitarist, Elias Viljanen, shone with his guitar solos even if, when he ended up in the spotlight, he seemed to rush the solos, delivering an example of typical Finnish shines. In spite of this all, he proved to poses great skills in handling his instrument!

sonata 2 resizeVirgin Oil Co. was a stylish venue for such an event. The years of touring and playing live polished the band into a great, flawless act.

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