Evanescence a lansat un nou single: „The Game Is Over”

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Evanescence va lansa, la sfârșitul anului 2020, al 5-lea material discografic, intitulat „The Bitter Truth”. După ce trupa a lansat “Wasted On You“ (piesă ce poate fi urmărită AICI), iată că americanii revin cu un nou single: „The Game Is Over”, disponibilă mai jos.
„The Game Is Over”,
 a fost produsă de Nick Raskulinecz, cel care a mai lucrat cu formația pentru albumul „Evanescence” din 2011.

Evanescence va susține, vineri 3 iulie un Q&A cu fanii pe canalul de YouTube al trupei.

Amy, vocea trupei Evanescence a declarat:

„This song is about being sick of the facade. The disguises we wear for others to make them feel comfortable, the inside feelings being so different than what we show on the outside to fit within the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable, or what’s not going to make you unpleasant or too ‘weird’ to be around.

The Game Is Over’ is a promise to myself and out loud that I’m going to be more of my real, inner self on the outside — not lock her up because she can’t be contained anymore. It’s also a prayer to become better, to not feel so messed up, locked up, and hurt inside.”

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