God the Barbarian Horde, the second Romanian band confirmed for Maximum Rock Festival

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MAXIMUM ROCK FESTIVAL returns in 2013 with an INDOOR edition which will take place on the 25th and 26th of October, at Turbohalle, Bucharest.
In the two days of the event, both Romanian and foreign bands will take to the stage.
Apart from concerts, there will also be other activities, like a fair with rock products, from which the participants will be able to buy T-shirts, magazines and other accessories.

After we confirmed the first Romanian band for Maximum Rock Festival, namely DIRTY SHIRT, it is time for the second act to be announced. 

The unique group GOD THE BARBARIAN HORDE will perform alongside Samael, Atrocity, Evile, My Dying Bride, The 69 Eyes, Leaves’ Eyes and compatriots Dirty Shirt. The gig will take place on October 25th 2013.

Constantin „Castor” Lapusneanu (vocals)
Eugen „Gelu” Lapusneanu (guitars)
Dan Radu „Duddu” Talpalariu (guitars)
Ciprian „Pomo” Pomohaci (bass)
Anelisse Bivol-Nigel (violin/vocals)
Emanuel “Manu” Filip (keyboars)

The band’s history begins in 1993 in Iasi, the Medieval capital of Romania. The style of God the Barbarian Horde is a combination of Gothic, Barbarian and Folk Metal – a unique bled of genres, never before approached by any band in Romania.

Ambitious and recognizable, God the Barbarian Horde have received numerous confirmations of their uniqueness by winning awards, such as “Best Lead-Singer”, “Best Romanian Album”, “Best Guitarist”, given by prestigious authorities like Heavy Metal Magazine,.

Inspired by the braveness of the ancient Daci and fueled by the spirit of the old Voivods – great personalities which are a reason of great pride for Romanians – the music of GOD paints in beautiful verses the poetry of the battle-field and brings homage to illustrious historical figures from times of yore.

God The Barbarian Horde has an important message to convey. It is all about the revolt against the shallowness with which ancient history is dismissed. The band have always been against the system, and they found a unique way of expressing that.

“Some choose to protest against the system in a different way. We do so by speaking about folklore, our heritage, our roots. It is very subversive and educative” (Interview with Maximum Rock Magazine)

The band’s music is not only relevant locally, in Romania. It has also gathered thousands of fans outside the country.

Recently, God took part in Wacken Open Air Festival, the biggest, most important metal festival in Europe. The organizers did not shy away from complimenting the band.

“God is one of the few bands that know how to celebrate the cultural inheritance of their ancestors. The group is a true pioneer in Romanian metal” (www.wacken.com).

So far, the band has released 5 promos and 5 albums. The sixth, “Forefathers”, is close to being finished. It is a material that will express perfectly the essence of the band’s live shows.

Across time, God has changed its style a few times. Even if it debuted as a Gothic Metal band, with “From The Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne”, the style of the group changed.

The new idiom is the so called “barbarian metal”, similar to bands like Finntroll, Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, Arkona or Moonsorrow. The motifs are still there, though, and so is the intriguing image of the band.

Harsh, creative, original, unique, GOD THE BARBARIAN HORDE will take their amazing show to the stage, impressing the audience.


„The Unique, Eternal And Indefinite…God” (1994)
„Iconografic II: The Eye Of Superior Knowledge” (1995)
„Iconografic III: The Antropomorphic Image” (1996)
„A Perennial Spleen/ Iconografic & Apotropaic” (1997)
„From The Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne” (1997)
„Sublime” (1998)
„Aura” (2002)
„Hell & Heaven” (2006)
„Forefathers: A Spiritual Heritage” (work in progress).

We wish that fans from abroad can enjoy this Festival so we’ve prepared a special offer for them.
Day tickets

20,5 euro – 25 % off = 15,5 euro for tickets purchased until sept the 30th 2013

23 euro – 25% off = 17 euro between 1st – 15th of October 2013

Full 2 day Pass:
33 euro – 25% off = 25 euro, until the 31st august 2013
36,5 euro – 25% off = 27,5 euro, between 1st -30th of September 2013
40 euro – 25% off = 30 euro, between 1st -15th of October 2013

Those interested are required to send an e-mail to this address: festival@maximumrock.ro and specify their name, and the number of day tickets/ full 2 day passes desired. These will be reserved. Everyone will get an e-mail with information about the payment methods of the day tickets/ full 2 day passes. 

All day tickets and passes purchased until August 31st are registered in a competition which will have as a prize 20 meet & greet passes with which the winners will be able to meet their idols from the bands The 69 Eyes, My Dying Bride etc. 

Attention! The special offer is only valid until October 15th and only for people who are not residents of Romania. All purchasers are required to present an ID document at the entrance of the event.

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