Sepultura: „Mereu învățăm câte ceva nou când cântăm în România”!


Cea de-a sasea editie a festivalului METALHEAD Meeting Festival va asteapta pe 24 si 25 iunie, la Arenele Romane din Bucuresti, cu un lineup de zile mari. Pe scena sa vor urca: Cradle Of Filth, Sepultura, Behemoth, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions Set), Ross The Boss (classic Manowar Set) Agnostic Front, Myrkur, Bucovina, Nox Vorago, Materia, Pokerface, MartYrium, Arkana Code, Cretura, Diying Gorgeous Lies, Within The Nova, Enemynside, 5Rand si Selector.

Despre Sepultura

Sepultura a fost infiintata in 1984, in perioada de glorie a metalului, in Belo Horizonte, Brazilia. Trupa este o forta majora a thrash metalului, cu influente de hardcore punk si industrial metal. Cu 13 materiale discografice de studio la activ, brazilienii au vandut milioane de albume in cei 30 de ani de cariera.

Albume de succes precum „Arise” (1991), „Chaos A.D.” (1993) si „Roots” (1996) au intrat in cultura muzicala a oricarui iubitor al genului, iar piese precum „Roots, Bloody Roots”, „Arise”,”Refuse Resist”,”Ratamahatta”,”Territory” si „Attitude” se regasesc in playlistul oricarui fan al muzicii metal, de mai bine de 30 de ani. Cel mai recent material de studio al trupei, „Machine Messiah”, a fost lansat in urma cu cateva luni si se regaseste deja in topul celor mai bune albume metal ale anului.

Sepultura va concerta pe scena festivalului METALHEAD Meeting 2017 duminica, 25 iunie, si este una dintre cele mai asteptate prezente din cadrul evenimentului. Cu aceasta ocazie, brazilienii au acordat un scurt interviu pe care il puteti gasi mai jos!

METALHEAD: Hello and thank you for taking a little time to answer a few questions for our readers. Is this the first time you come to Romania?

Sepultura: We have been to romania many times before and it’s always been a wonderful experience. We are always learning something new when ever we go there.

METALHEAD: What kind of energy you expect from the Romanian public?

Sepultura: Judging from past shows we have played at in romania I imagine a lot of energy and passion from the crowd. Definitely one of the best crowds to play to in the world!

METALHEAD: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard your band before?

Sepultura: A uncompromising assult of sound that challenges all your senses on every musical level.

METALHEAD: What is your favourite song to perform live?

Sepultura: It’s changing from time to time but at the moment Kairos.

METALHEAD: What are the main elements that inspire your work?

Sepultura: My life and the world we live in. Everyday is a new story and struggle within this world we are all a part of.  I write about thngs I know about personally and socially that I feel have an impact.

METALHEAD: What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band and what was the biggest problem that you had to overcome as a band?

Sepultura: I believe it’s something special to stay together as a band after  so many years. Its a rarity and I feel honored to be a part of such a special history of Sepultura. The biggest problem I believe was dealing with past labels and  mangement. I’m thankful now that we have surrounded ourselves with people that want to trully helps move foward and believe in what we do.

METALHEAD: How do you feel about the internet in the music business and how important are live concerts for a band nowadays?

Sepultura: The internet can be great once you dig through all the garbage that exist on it. Live concerts has and will always show the reality of an artist.

METALHEAD: Share with us your top five underrated bands that people should start listerning right now. 🙂


METALHEAD: What are you preparing for your show at Metalhead Meeting Festival (new songs, anything special related to your performance)?

Sepultura: We will be playing a lot new songs from our new album machine messiah. These news songs really add a whole new level to our show. We are looking foward to seeing everyone at the show having a great time. We will be doing the same from the stage!
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